LAAS Infographic

This is an infographic I made for the high school I attended in Oklahoma. Being a college prep school, it takes its student’s futures very seriously. This infographic was shared on the school’s social media to promote enrollment.

Download the LAAS Infographic


Unity Fund Infographic

This is an infographic I created for The Chicago Community Trust to discuss the previous year’s donations to Unity Fund. This was posted on The Trust’s social media to promote donating to Unity Fund.

Download the Food Security Infographic

Nonprofit Social Media Content

This is an example of a series of photos I designed for The Chicago Community Trust. Every Friday I created a shared a picture with #ThinkGoodItsFriday.

Corporate Communications Blog Post

This is a blog post I wrote on Tumblr for my corporate communications class. In the post I addressed the problems with the proposed merger between AT&T and Time Warner.

“Cubs fans weren’t the only ones celebrating last weekend. On Saturday, Time Warner announced that an agreement was made and AT&T proposed a merger for a measly $85 Billion. This major merger has many people worried that too much power is being concentrated in one media giant (Crowe, 2016).”

Read the full post here.

Trans Awareness Video

This video was created for a social activism campaign on trans awareness. Throughout that campaign my team created social media channels under the name “Trans Empowerment and Affirmative Messaging.” This video was shared on our Facebook page to increase awareness of trans rights.

STATE Optical Event Flyer

This is a flyer I designed for our client campaign with STATE Optical. It served as a promotional tool for an upcoming launch party.

STATE Optical Flyer

Pressbox Pricing Model

This infographic was created for our client campaign for Pressbox. I designed this image to show a simplified version of the company’s process.

Download the Pressbox Infographic

AmeriCorps Recruitment Flyer

During college I worked with a branch of AmeriCorps that served veterans and their family members in the Chicagoland area. This is a flyer I created for the group to recruit new members.

Legacy Flyer